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24 Pack Potty Gloves Kit

24 Pack Potty Gloves Kit

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Easily navigate nature's call with our Potty Gloves Kit. These biodegradable* nitrile gloves come with attached cotton pads, providing a convenient and sanitary solution for peeing in the great outdoors. Stay clean and leave no trace with our all-in-one pack out solution.

Each kit contains:

24 Potty Gloves

1 two pocket (Clean/Used) Custom Wallet (holds 6-8 gloves and is used in your backpack or SxS Doorbags!)

1 two pouch (Clean/Used) disposable zip bag (holds 4 gloves and is used for Glove boxes, purses, etc.)

*Potty Gloves are made with biodegradable Nitrile gloves that will degrade in landfills within 1-3 years depending on specific conditions.   Compared to traditional nitrile gloves that take 200+ years to degrade.   

Please do not leave Potty Gloves in nature, they will not degrade.   Use the Custom Wallet or Zip bags to transport your used gloves to a proper trash receptacle upon completion of your outdoors adventure.

To Use Potty Gloves:

Pick a spot to squat and pee

Put a glove on and wipe with the attached cotton pad

Make a Fist and pull the glove off inside out and roll it up and stick it in the "used" pocket of your wallet or Zip Bag.    

Your hands are protected from urine, and our lands are protected from Toilet Paper!

Clean and Convenient



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