How To Install - Spring Brake Thingy Parking Brake

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How To Install Spring Brake Thingy

The Spring Brake Thingy only takes a few minutes to install and only seconds to operate. The installation of the Spring Brake Thingy can be done in just a few steps outlined below.


Gather All Necessary Tools

For most models, all you need is a socket wrench, check the instructions inside the box.  Remove the brake and instructions from the box. Find the factory bolts on the firewall as depicted in the instructions and remove the nuts.  Place the Spring Brake Thingy onto the bolts and replace the nuts.  Carefully tighten each bolt until the Spring Brake Thingy is secure.

How To Operate
Start by pressing down on the brake pedal with your right foot (or left, depending on the mount). Then using your left foot (or right, depending on the mount), slide the red lever over your brake pedal arm and slowly release your brake pedal, ensuring that the red lever is locked on the brake pedal arm. You should do this movement about 5 or 6 times to get the feel of it.  It is important to “slide right” with your left foot, DO NOT PUSH. To disengage, simply press the brake and the spring will pull the red lever back out of the way.

Now to test out your new Spring Brake Thingy.  Once engaged, your machine will have almost no movement or banging sound on the transmission when you manually try to rock it back and forth.  Or, even better, test it out by parking on a small incline. Once on the incline, engage the brake before putting in park.  While in Park, try putting it back in drive WITH the brake engaged.  You will see immediately how smooth it moves back into gear.


If you want to improve your SxS’s safety and add a new versatile feature to your UTV, look no further than the Spring Brake Thingy. As you can see, this UTV part takes hardly any time to install and is super simple to operate. Order one for your UTV today to add some extra security to your ride. 

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