SxS Parking Brakes

Models For Most SxS's

Needed for trailering, no more banging on that transmission

Needed for parking on any incline to prevent that "BANG" when going from Park to Drive

Needed for winching to hold your SxS in place.

Customer Reviews

Simple and effective. Well built, easy to install and works exactly as described. It's great to be able to take the pressure off of the transmission. A must have for Polaris General.

Clayton C. Verified Buyer

Great addition, just added the Spring Break Thingy. It's an easy installation and a must have item, not to mention the high quality of their product. If you don't have one, get it now.

Bruce D. Verified Buyer

Why didn't I invent this! So simple and east to install. literally can be installed in two minutes with a 1/2" socket and extension. Great for security and trailering and when you need to hold on a hill and get your winch out. So much safer and no getting stuck in park anymore.

Robert M. Verified Buyer