The Spring Brake Thingy is a side-by-side emergency parking brake designed for easy use. It is located near the brake pedal for easy deployment. Its primary function is to secure the vehicle in place when parked on an incline. This prevents the vehicle from rolling away, which minimizes pressure on the transmission and reduces the risk of damage.

What is a Spring Brake Thingy?

The Spring Brake Thingy is an Aftermarket Parking Brake for Many UTVs. Most UTVs do not come with one. The Spring Brake Thingy mounts near your brake pedal and the Red Arm mechanically slides over and holds your brake pedal down, engaging the brakes on all four wheels, removing the pressure off your transmission, and transferring it to your brakes.

Do my brake lights time out with it set?

Yes! When you turn your key off, it takes about 10 – 15 seconds for your lights to time out. Typically, brake lights are not affected by the "lights-on" feature and will turn off immediately when the vehicle's key is turned off.

How do you install it?

Most of the models install quickly and easily. There are two nuts on two existing studs under your brake pedal. Simply remove the nuts, slide on the SBT, and put the nuts back on! Yes, it’s that easy.

Can you adjust it?

There is no need for adjustment in most cases, however, there is an adjustment on the brake pedal on most models allowing for a slight adjustment if needed. It's recommended to check your vehicle's owner manual or consult a professional mechanic if you need to adjust the brake lights or "lights-on" feature to ensure it's done correctly and safely.

How much is it?

They retail for $79.99 plus shipping, and any applicable sales tax.

How does it work?

You simply press the brake pedal down with your right foot and slide the Red Arm Lever over with your left foot until it’s engaged. After that, it’s set!

How long can you keep it set?

All cars vary. Some have strong Master Cylinders, and some don’t. We’ve left the SBT engaged for as many as three days without any issues. The SBT was mainly designed to use for short durations while parked on an incline (ie, eating lunch, helping fix a car on the trail, etc.) However, it does come in very handy for keeping that Tranny from rocking while trailering.

Do I still need to put it in Park if I have the SBT Set?

Yes! The SBT ASSISTS your parking gear/pawl/cable. First, engage the SBT parking brake, and THEN put your car into Park. This takes the pressure off the transmission and keeps it on your brakes. If you put the car in Park and then set the brake, it will not help, as you’ve already put all the pressure onto your transmission. ALWAYS set the SBT first. SBT NEVER ADVISES LEAVING A CAR IN NEUTRAL OR NOT USE TIE-DOWNS.

Spring Brake Thingy is the top-selling parking brake for side-by-sides, providing an innovative and affordable solution for increased safety and protection of your vehicle's critical components. Our product is designed for easy installation and is compatible with a wide range of models. Improve the security of your ride, reduce wear and tear, and order a Spring Brake Thingy today!