Why Spring Brake Thingy Makes a Great Holiday Gift (Stocking Stuffer)

Why Spring Brake Thingy Makes a Great Holiday Gift (Stocking Stuffer)

Spring Brake Thingy is proud to offer the best parking brakes for SXS vehicles. Our brakes are designed with full protection, safety, and functionality in mind, as we want SXS vehicle owners to rest easy knowing their prized possessions are safe while parked on an incline. 

With the holidays being right around the corner, there is no better stocking stuffer to purchase for an SXS enthusiast than our parking brakes. Our products can quite literally fit inside a stocking, making for an excellent surprise for vehicle owners. They will truly cherish the protection you will provide for their SXS, as this gift will go a long way! Visit us online to purchase yours today! 

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The Perfect Fit 

While most stocking stuffers consist of candies due to their small size, our parking brakes can easily fit inside your loved ones stocking! They will truly be surprised when they stick their hand into the sock and pull out a Spring Brake Thingy product, because chances are they are in dire need of brake protection for their vehicle. This holiday season, ditch the candy, and instead, buy the SXS vehicle enthusiast in your life something they truly need. As the purchaser, rest easy knowing that you are helping keep your loved one safe and protected as they enjoy the hobby they love most! 

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Options for All the Popular Brands

Spring Brake Thingy offers our emergency brake for SxS vehicles for the most popular brands in the industry. We know that the enthusiast in your life has likely informed you about the make and model of their vehicle, and more than likely we have the perfect brake for their needs. We offer products for various brands including:

If you need help determining the right brake for your specific machine, contact our friendly and knowledgeable support team.

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Increased Safety and Protection 

Spring Brake Thingy is the perfect SxS emergency parking brake for your vehicle! Installed near the brake pedal, it helps to minimize pressure on your transmission and prevent your vehicle from rolling away and causing damage on an incline. But that's not all - it can also provide additional security while towing your SxS in a trailer and even help you winch your buddies out of a jam on the trails. Get your own Spring Brake Thingy today and make it the perfect holiday for those you love most! 

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Other Amazing Benefits of Spring Brake Thingy

When you purchase our utv accessories, you are not only receiving a quality emergency brake, but you are also teaming with a company that truly cares about your satisfaction. Our ultimate goal is to create the products SXS owners need to stay safe and protected while enjoying the land. When you buy a stocking stuffer from us, you can expect:

  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Products designed and built in-house
  • World class customer service and support 
  • Fast and simple installation 
  • Lifetime Warranty 
  • Spring Brake Thingy’s 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

This holiday season, stock a stuffing with a gift that will thrive well beyond the season. Spring Brake Thingy offers the best emergency brakes for a wide range of SXS vehicles so that enthusiasts can stay safe and protected at all times. Whether someone in your life has been asking for our products or you feel that this will make a great addition to their UTV, you can get yours online today!

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