Why Choose Spring Brake Thingy

Why Choose Spring Brake Thingy

Now is the time to take care of your side-by-side vehicle and outfit it with the right mechanisms. Adding parking brakes and different SxS accessories from Spring Brake Thingy is the best way to ensure you have many more off-road adventures in the future. As an online manufacturer of parking brakes, we can provide vehicle owners across the United States with the accessories they need to be safe.

Learn more about why you should shop our entire online inventory and find the right piece for your side-by-side vehicle today!

Extends Your Vehicle Transmission’s Life 

One of the many great things about adding a parking brake to your side-by-side vehicle is how it can help you have many more adventures in the future. Our SxS accessories are designed to increase both operator and passenger safety, preventing damage to the transmission and extending its overall life.

Our Parking Brakes Are Designed In-House

The SxS accessories you invest your money in should be high-quality and reliable. Spring Brake Thingy designs and builds parking brakes and other pieces of equipment in-house, which translates to more long-term value for you as a driver. Shop all our products now, all made in the USA!

Our SxS Accessories Can Include Locks

If you’re looking to add a parking brake to your side-by-side vehicle, Spring Brake Thingy can do you one better. Not only will we give you the option of several different SxS accessories, but our models can also include locks to deter theft of your vehicle.

Created With Thicker Steel

All our Spring Brake Thingy parking brakes are created with thick steel, much thicker than other manufacturers on the market. We are committed to giving you the best equipment possible, so you and your passengers can stay safe.

    Find What You Need With Spring Brake Thingy

    Get the perfect parking brake from Spring Brake Thingy now when you shop our entire online inventory! If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line!

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