Pro R Parking Brakes Are Here!

Pro R Parking Brakes Are Here!

Spring Brake Thingy (SBT) offers parking brakes for a wide array of UTVs. Most recently they have finished prototyping and testing the newest addition to their product line; a parking brake made specifically for the new Polaris RZR PRO-R! Now your Pro R’s transmission can have valuable protection when parking on an incline and while trailering.

The very simple yet effective design (patent pending) ensures that installation takes just a few minutes. Extreme high-quality, precision laser cut, high grade steel and hardware consistent with the quality of SBT products that have been on SXS’s since the company’s inception 6 years ago.

Additionally, the SBT parking brake has a feature to accept a padlock to help protect your high dollar investment from getting stolen when the vehicle is stored or not-in-use.

Each SBT is proudly made in the USA and assembled in the founder’s, Daryl Spradlin, workshop with support from his wife Rhonda just east of the town of Kanab, Utah. A true homegrown business with pride and passion with every single product. Many companies, far and wide, have attempted to recreate the patent pending design so please beware of cheap foreign copies.

SBT Parking Brakes can be purchased directly through SBT,

For more information contact SBT directly at 951-663-1205



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