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Let's Talk about China Knockoffs

Hello SxS owners!    We've been seeing quite a few posts on social media regarding China knockoffs of our Spring Brake Thingy Parking brakes.   Trust us, we are well aware of them.    It is beyond sickening that we worked so hard to bring a quality product to market, put our Trademarked Brand name on it, have it patent-pending and in just a couple months after starting to sell on Amazon, it is copied by China and sold at extremely low prices, by Multiple so called vendors.  They even copied the verbiage of the brakes from our website! We've had many folks contacting us regarding the poor quality of the knock off product, and we are actually pleased that people are becoming aware of the issue and are more careful to purchase the Original Spring Brake Thingy, MADE IN AMERICA, parking brake.

SBT (Spring Brake Thingy) made a very specific decision early in the forming of our small family business NOT to go to China for cheap labor and materials.    We are very proud of our product, and believe in it 100%.     We offer a Lifetime Warranty, and have customer service that you can actually call and talk to!   

Please be sure to tell your family and friends to visit our website and purchase your parking brake directly from us.   We truly appreciate your support of our product on the many forums out there, and most certainly appreciate your business.   Stay safe out there! 



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Had one one on my wildcat it is fine item now need to get one for my Honda

Kuester Gordon

Spring Brake Thingy made in the USA is awesome. I have had this on my Polaris General for several years it is invaluable to park on slopes and not destroy your transmission. Great company and great customer service. My spring broke last week I called and they sent me a new one no charge. They stand behind their product and warranty.

Steven Jaster

You have spammers in your comment section, lol.

Steven Gorniack

I just got my SBT and put it on my 2016 RZR XP 1000 and tested it on my steep driveway. I’m very pleased how it works and wish I had had one when I first got my machine. I hate hearing that pop when I pull it out of gear on a slope. I’m glade someone came up with a solution for a parking brake for SXS’s. I learned of your product from a friend. I will spread the word.

Bill B

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