How To Protect Your SXS While Towing

How To Protect Your SXS While Towing

Before you set off for a fun day at the dunes or a thrilling ride on trails through the forest, you want to make sure your UTV is properly secured and protected on your trailer. Below are just a few steps to make sure your UTV makes it to your destination with you in one piece. Spring BrakeThingy is one of many UTV accessories on the market that makes this process much easier with its easy-to-use mechanism that takes seconds to engage. Order your Spring BrakeThingy today to make towing your SxS easier than before.

Even Weight Distribution

The possibly fatal mistake of incorrectly loading your trailer could cause violent trailer sway. When you roll your SxS on your trailer, make sure that the heaviest part of your UTV is as close to the hitch as possible. Also, secure any coolers, fuel, or other items at the front so most of the weight is set on the hitch.

Set Your Brakes

Once you have your SxS loaded onto your trailer, press down on your brake pedal and use the Spring BrakeThingy to lock your brake pedal in place. This not only helps keep your SxS in place before you strap it down, but it also eliminates the need for any wheel caulks.

Strap It Down

Once you have your UTV loaded and set the parking brake with the Spring Break Thingy, now it is time to strap it down. Make sure you use ratchet straps rated above the weight of your UTV, so there is no risk of breaking, and attach two straps on each side (two up front and two in back). Do not use the wheels or axles as attachment points; this could seriously damage these UTV parts. Instead, use the frame of your UTV, as this is the most secure part of your UTV.

Cover It Up

One final step before you take off is to make sure your UTV is properly protected from the elements. If you are using an uncovered trailer, take an extra moment to secure a tarp to your UTV, making sure that water will drain correctly and that your tarp won’t fly off as you go down the road. 

Make sure your UTV gets to wherever you are going in one piece by following these steps to properly protect and secure your UTV to your trailer. Order your Spring Break Thingy today to make this whole process much faster and easier than before.

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