How Spring Brake Thingy Improves SxS Safety

How Spring Brake Thingy Improves SxS Safety

There are tons of UTV accessories out there that claim to improve their performance, their comfort, and, most importantly, safety. However, the Spring Brake Thingy is an accessory that has been tested by many enthusiasts and shown to improve the safety of any UTV significantly. 

This UTV part is easy to install and even easier to use, only taking a few minutes to install and seconds to engage. Below are just a few ways that Spring Break Thingy can improve the safety of your UTV. Order your Spring BrakeThingy today to improve your SxS’s safety.

Incline Support

When it comes time to park for whatever reason, you don’t have to worry about making sure you park on flat ground. With the Spring Break Thingy, you can park wherever you want without worrying about it rolling away or putting unnecessary strain on your transmission. Just set it and forget it.


Hauling your UTV has never been easier. Gone are the days of hauling around cumbersome wheel caulks; just quickly set the Spring BrakeThingy, and your UTV won’t be going anywhere while you tie it down or while you go down the highway.


In the unfortunate event that another UTV collides with your parked UTV, you won’t have to stress about your UTV rolling away with the other vehicle. When you set the brake, it will stay put even after it is hit.


Did your buddy get stuck on an incline again? No need to worry. Just set your Spring BrakeThingy on the top of the incline and safely operate your winch without needing the hold the brake with your foot the entire time.  You can safely exit your SxS and help guide your friend up and operate your winch at the same time, all while your SxS stays put. 

Improving the safety of any vehicle is well worth the investment, and the Spring Break Thingy is no exception. This UTV part can be installed and operated by almost anyone and is a surefire way to ensure your UTV stays anywhere you park it. Order your Spring Break Thingy today to experience its safety features for yourself.

Improve Your SxS’s Safety Today!

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