Four Reasons To Add Spring Brake Thingy to Your SxS

Four Reasons To Add Spring Brake Thingy to Your SxS

If you own a side-by-side (SxS) vehicle, you know how important it is to be able to control the vehicle properly in all terrain. The last thing you want is to have an accident because the vehicle rolls down an incline or into a ditch when you’re not expecting it. This is where Spring Brake Thingy is changing the game, by providing a variety of parking brakes and other SxS accessories to shoppers across the United States.

Learn all about why it’s important to consider adding a parking brake to your side-by-side vehicle and shop with Spring Brake Thingy today!

Increased Safety

A parking brake adds an extra layer of safety to your side-by-side vehicle. You’ll be able to park it on hills or inclines and know that it won’t roll away. Equip your vehicle now with all our SxS accessories!

Increased Maneuverability

With the addition of a Spring Brake Thingy parking brake, you can easily maneuver your off-road vehicle in tight spots. This is especially useful when you’re driving and you need to make quick turns or back up to fit into a certain spot. Make sure you as the driver and your passengers are safe with all the right SxS accessories.

Speed Control

Outfitting your side-by-side vehicle with the right parking brake allows you as the driver to better control your speed. Starting and stopping can be dangerous, especially when you’re driving on uneven terrain, and being able to control your speed can make your whole adventure much safer.

Comfort While Driving

Spring Brake Thingy and our manufactured parking brakes can add an extra level of comfort to your ride. You won’t have to worry about the side-by-side vehicle rolling away when you stop, and you can easily park without having to get out and manually hold the brakes.

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    Adding a parking brake to your side-by-side vehicle is an easy and affordable way to improve your entire riding and driving experience. Whether you’re a novice driver or a seasoned off-roader, these SxS accessories are absolute must-haves. Find the right one for you with Spring Brake Thingy now!

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