Are UTV Parking Brake Kits Worth The Money?

Are UTV Parking Brake Kits Worth The Money?

One question you should ask yourself is, Do you value your UTV? Chances are you love your UTV quite a bit, so wouldn’t it be worth investing in something that will keep it safe? The simple answer to all of these questions is yes, and the better answer is the Spring Break Thingy. This UTV part is designed to be easy to install and even easier to operate, giving you extra peace of mind that your investment will stay safe. Order your Spring Break Thingy today to protect your pride and joy.

Parking Brake

The Spring Brake Thingy is not just a parking brake, it’s a versatile tool to allow for more security and safety both on the trails and on the trailer. If you need to park on an incline or decline, you can be sure that this accessory will hold your UTV in place. When it comes time to haul your UTV, don’t worry about hauling around blocky wheel caulks; just set the Spring BrakeThingy and forget about it.


Improved safety is the number one feature of this amazing product. Not only does this gadget make it safer to haul and park your UTV, and it also puts less strain on your transmission. This ultimately results in less future transmission damage and maintains your UTV’s safety.


One great feature about the Spring Brake Thingy is that it has a spot for a padlock. So if you are on the trails or at the sand dunes, you won’t have to worry about someone taking off with your UTV.


Lastly, another feature that makes UTV parking brake kits worth the money is their hands-free operation. All that you have to do to engage the Spring BrakeThingy is hold down the brake pedal with your right foot, then, using your left foot, move the locking mechanism over the arm of your brake. That’s it! Then when it comes time to take off, simply push your brake pedal down to disengage the lock and take off.

UTV parking brake kits are a no-brainer for must-have UTV accessories. Its added safety features and versatility makes it an excellent option for any SxS owner. Order your Spring BrakeThingy kit today to improve your UTV’s safety and functionality.


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