• WILD CAT 1000 Lockable Parking Brake - Fits 2011 or newer!


    Heavy Duty Parking Brake for your Wild Cat 1000 with Locking feature - Fits 2011 or newer

    This brake allows for a pad-lock to be inserted through pre-machined holes to give you the added option to use as a theft deterrent.  


    Remove 2 plastic rivets from upper firewall and insert Spring Brake Thingy as shown in product picture, insert supplied bolts through brake and firewall. Fold rubber flap over bolts on the outside, install supplied backing plate (see product picture) over flap with washer and lock nut. Push brake pedal with right foot, slide locking arm over with left foot to engage. To release, push brake pedal.

    Once set, add your own pad lock (1/4" to 5/16" shaft) for that extra security.  To release, simply unlock pad lock, remove, and depress brake pedal.