The Original Spring Brake Thingy - Fits models as shown in description

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Our original version fits all 1000's', Turbo's up to 2018 model - does not fit 2019 models, and fits 2015 or newer 900's with EPS.  

Installation is simple and quick. Bolt with spacer goes through top of arm and replaces existing screw in the power steering cover mount (lower left), the black tear drop tab attaches with existing screw in firewall/floorboard area. 

To use, simply press the brake pedal with right foot, use your left toes to slide the brake arm into place. The machined notch on the arm will lock the brake pedal down.  To release, just push the brake pedal down until the arm releases and returns against the firewall. 

The Spring Brake Thingy is designed to  protect your expensive transmission  from damage when parking on a hill and having that "BANG" when trying to re-engage into gear. It is not designed to be used as sole brake system while parked on inclines, always use extra precaution and use large blocks or rocks behind your tires to prevent rolling.

Your brakes must be in good working order, this product will not compensate for brakes not properly working.  Do not stand in front of or behind the vehicle when on an incline, always keep front and back area of vehicle clear, even with parking brake engaged. There is no full proof system on any vehicle that will guarantee it will not roll while on an incline.