Heavy Duty Parking Brake for your Arctic Cat Havoc or Stampede model with Locking feature - Fits 2017 or newer  

    This brake allows for a pad-lock to be inserted through pre-machined holes to give you the added option to use as a theft deterrent.  


    Installs in less than 10 minutes, guaranteed the quickest and easiest install and use on the market.  

    Line up the mounting plate in the corner of the molded firewall, drill two 1/4" holes using the mounting plate as the template.  Put the brake on the firewall and insert bolts through the drilled holes as shown in picture, there is a backing plate that goes on the front of the of firewall, have a second person hold this if possible, place over bolts and add nuts.

    To use, press brake with left foot, slide red arm with right toes. To release, simply depress brake pedal. Add your own pad lock (1/4" to 5/16" shaft) for that extra security.