The Spring Brake Thingy is very simple to install, most should be able to complete the installation in less than 5 minutes.  

1. Remove the Torx screw on the lower left side of the power steering box cover. (T27 Torx)

2. Install the supplied 6mm bolt (10mm head) and aluminum spacer through the top of the brake arm, and insert into this same hole. Be sure the long finger on the bottom of brake arm is on the left hand side. Do not over-tighten, the arm needs to be able to pivot, and this bolt only holds the plastic cover on the power steering unit. 

3. Remove the Torx screw to the left of the brake pedal in the floor pan (T40 Torx). Re-install the same screw through the tab connected to the spring. Align spring and tab inline to brake pedal, tighten. 

4. Done

If any questions or if you need any help please call Daryl at 951-663-1205